Scientific Astrology

Scientific Astrology is not a psychic practice. It is not related to any worldview, philosophy, or spiritual belief. Throughout history, it is simply observing and recording the effects of the planets’ energy surrounding us. Because of a historical record of the impacts of their distinctive energies, we can predict that similar events could occur in an individual’s life or society, given those similar astrological configurations align again.

There are several applications of Scientific Astrology, and determining which would best suit your needs is the first step in setting up a consultation. Below you will find a list of some of the different types of astrological consultations I offer and what they entail. For information on pricing or arranging a consultation, please click on one of the relevant links below for the specific type of consultation that you would like more information about

Natal Astrology

Natal astrology is the practice of determining information about the nature and course of a person’s life based on the study of the planets’ positions at the moment they were born. This involves the analysis of the client’s “birth chart” or “natal chart”, a diagram that depicts where the planets were at the exact moment of their birth. Consultations involving a client’s birth chart help determine wide-ranging information about different areas of their life. For Natal Astrology pricing and additional information, click here.

Birth Time Rectification

Birth time rectification is used to determine when a person was born when the birth time is otherwise unknown. This is important because, without a birth time, you cannot accurately calculate a person’s birth chart. We can infer the probable moment of birth by comparing essential dates in a person’s life with the different potential birth charts. For pricing information on birth chart rectification, click here.

Electional Astrology

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Electional astrology determines an auspicious moment to begin a new venture or undertaking. It is a more proactive application of astrology that enables a person to take a more participatory role in unfolding their destiny. Electional astrology can be applied to various ventures and undertakings, from something as simple as taking a trip, to other more severe issues such as getting married or starting a new business. For pricing and additional information on electional astrology consultations, click here.

We go a step deeper; it is not a subjective belief of yourself or your life path but a clear understanding of your own “owner’s manual” given at birth by the conditioning of the planets’ energy surrounding you. We can also see and forecast the different seasons in our life and society with the planetary transits. It is like what we do to predict weather patterns.

Our coaching is effective because we focus on targeting well-aspected areas while putting aside frustrations on areas that will improve after a not-so-favorable astrological season. We are working with you with a bird’s-eye view advantage to straighten your life hurdles path.

After all, are our lives fatalistic and conditioned by environmental and planetary influences? Ultimately, coaching and personal growth depend on your attitude and decisions. In order words, your progress directly results from your response to your present situation, external influences, and eagerness toward your goals. Be advised that you will struggle and even become disappointed if you ignore your astrological seasons. Look at it as if rowing against the current vs. sailing toward the direction of the wind. 

Let us take you, your team, or your organization to new levels of success, starting with self-awareness and building harmonious and effective synergy among your employees or associates. If you want an astrological discovery, schedule our first discovery meeting here.