Scientific Astrology

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Scientific Astrology is not a psychic practice. It is not related to any worldview, philosophy, or spiritual belief. Throughout history, it is simply observing the effects of the planets’ energy surrounding us.

Because of a historical record of the effects of their distinctive energies, we can predict that similar events could occur in an individual’s life or society, given those similar astrological configurations align again.

Self-awareness is the key to succeeding in life. We use tools like the DISC Personality System to discover and understand what individuals think and believe about themselves, revealing a visible roadmap to modify behavior or build a harmonious and effective synergy among employees, co-workers, and associates. 

With Scientific Astrology, we go a step deeper; it is not a subjective belief of yourself, but a clear understanding of your own “owner’s manual” given at birth by the conditioning of the planets’ energy surrounding you. With the planetary transits(*), we can see and forecast the different seasons in your life and even our society, just like predicting weather patterns. Therefore, the coaching becomes more effective, focusing on targeting areas well aspected while putting aside frustrations on areas that will improve in the future. We are working with you with a bird’s-eye view advantage to straighten your life hurdles path. astroguia img2

After all, are our lives fatalistic conditioned by environmental and planetary influences? Ultimately, coaching and personal growth depend on your attitude and decisions. In order words, the course of your progress is the direct result of your response to your present situation, external influences, and your eagerness toward your goals. Be advised that you will struggle and even become disappointed if you ignore your astrological seasons.

Like with the DISC assessment, our goal is to deploy this powerful instrument of tremendous discovery and enlightenment to help you in every facet of your life and help you in your journey to success. 

Let us take you, your team, or your organization to new levels of success, starting with self-awareness and building harmonious and effective synergy among your employees or associates. Schedule now our first discovery meeting.






(*) A transit occurs when a planet passes between a star and its observer. Transits within our solar system can be observed from Earth when Venus or Mercury travel between the Sun and us.